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The 40th Anniversary Celebration of Sensei Adamou in karate were held in the Harrow Leisure Center on Saturday 4th December 2004. This event was held in honour to mark the achievement and life long commitment that Mr. Nicholas B. Adamou has delivered over the past 40 years within his karate career.

IASK would like to thank the following members for all their help and support in making this day possible:

Nick Adamou - Event Director

Riza Yehiya - Event Organiser

Zenos Christo - Event Manager

Steve Austin

Chris Bond

Lara Coysh

Paul Coysh

Alison Hill

Norman Hull

Richard Hull

Vicki Langford

Rajan Patel

Siris Patel

Robert Pottle

Patrick Prendergast

Dinushni Samarasinghe

Suzanne Tuhrim

Marie Webb-Stevens

From: Zenos Christo 4thDan
Event Manager, IASK
I have been training with Sensei Adamou since 1989 and although I have also trained with other instructors both previously and since, in my view, Sensei Adamou's karate has always struck me as being honest and straightforward. So much of karate seems to be either deliberately cloaked in mystery and inaccessible or enveloped by the instructor's own ego and politics.

I tried to pass on sensei's karate to my own students when I ran a club in Enfield for a short while. It was therefore very encouraging to see my students perform with the same honest and straightforward karate for this special occasion. I for one am not a fan of demonstrations, but I was very proud to see my students reflect the enthusiasm and power of karate that makes it so magical and beautiful to watch. The students performed just simple basics such as gedan-barai, sanbon zuki, mae geri and keage followed by some basic pre-arranged sparring (sanbon kumite I think). Each move was performed with such commitment, enthusiasm and energy and when coupled with terrifying kiais, I sat there and said to myself: "This is what karate is. Simple, beautiful moves with devastating power. And all this from young children....".

Councillor Mrs Lurline Champagnie
Mayor of Harrow Municipal Year 2004/2005

Councillor Champagnie has been a Councillor for 18 years, having been elected to Pinner Ward in 1986. She served as Deputy Mayor 2003/2004 and elected as Mayor in May 2004.

Councillor Champagnie was born in Jamaica, West Indies, and emigrated to England in 1956 where she pursued a career in Nursing, specialising in Burns and Plastic Surgery.

The Mayor is married to Clive, her Consort for the Mayoral year, and has three sons and several grandchildren.

The Mayor's Special Appeal is for Save the Children and she is also Patron of the Appeal for the Restoration of West House in Pinner.

The Mayor is delighted to have been the Guest of Honour at the 40th Anniversary Celebration event held on 4th December 2004 and sends her very best wishes to all those who participated.