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    This Shotokan Karate Training Video should only be used by the practicing Karate-ka who is training at a bone fide karate club and who is currently practicing Karate under the guidance and supervision of an experienced, qualified and recognised instructor.    

     Before you embark upon any karate training, you should make sure that you are physically well enough to do so and in this regard it is advisable to check with your health professional.

     It is important to safely go through the required warm up and stretching exercises before you actually train on the techniques and end the session with a warm down.  Make sure you train in an area that has adequate space in all directions around you without any obstacles in your way in order to perform the chosen technique safely. Train in a safe & cautious way and never over tax your body or mind by training too intensely.

   All attacking and counter attacking techniques depicted within this video are explained and shown on the basis and absolute understanding that they must be pulled short of the target. In other words, an attack or counter attack must not be delivered with the intention of hitting one’s opponent and every possible effort must be made so that no contact is made to any part of an opponent’s body. Therefore, in the different sections on Kumite (sparring), reference is made to the area where the attack or counter attack should take place, for example:  “The attacker steps forward with five consecutive Oi-Zuki attacks to the head area”  or, “The defender counter attacks with a right, chudan Gyaku-Zuki to the stomach area”. The meaning embodied in the phrase, ‘Attack to the head area or, counter attack to the stomach area’ is that the attacker or defender should perform their respective techniques with speed, power, kime, spirit, mental concentration and with total control so that each technique is pulled about three inches away from the head or face and one inch away from the stomach.


The producer and creator of these videos will not be held responsible in any way for any injury or damage of any nature whatsoever, which may occur to viewers, or to others, as a direct or indirect result of the information contained within these videos.

Warm up

    Nicholas B. Adamou was a direct student of Kanazawa Sensei, from 1965 to 1989, a period in which Kanazawa sensei instructed within the British Karate-do Federation (BKF) headed by Dr. V.C.F. Bell, the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB) headed by himself and Eneoda sensei and his own organisation, Shotokan Karate International (SKI).      

       Achieving all of his grades from 8th kyu up to 5th Dan under Kanazawa sensei, Mr. Adamou went on to become an instructor and grading examiner within SKI.

    In 1989 he formed his own organisation, the National Shotokan Karate Association (NSKA) and in 1991 as a 6th Dan he produced this Shotokan Karate Training Video so as to assist and guide    those practicing karate-ka within his organisation on their karate journey.

    In 1993, the NSKA went on to become the International Association of Shotokan Karate  (IASK).


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