International Association of Shotokan Karate (IASK)

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It is necessary for the IASK Chief Instructor and all IASK club instructors to collect certain information about its members in order to carry out day to day operations and to comply with legal obligations.  The IASK Chief Instructor and all IASK club instructors are committed to ensuring that any personal data collected will only be used for karate related matters and will be stored safely and not be disclosed to any third party. The aim of this policy is to ensure that everyone handling personal data is fully aware of these requirements and acts in accordance with these data protection procedures.

In line with these Data Protection principles, we will ensure that personal data will:

The IASK processes the following personal information:

Names, addresses, Gender, Date of Birth, Nationality, Medical Conditions, Any Convictions of a Crime of Violence and contact details from: 6 Week Beginners, registered Licensed Members, registered Club Members and Registered Instructors.

The IASK Chief Instructor and all IASK Club Instructors will ensure that your data will:

An individual has the right to request a copy of personal information that we hold about them.

To request a copy of the personal information held or to review the detail,

write or email: