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Tribute to Chris Bond who passed away on Saturday, 9th April 2011:


Chris Bond started karate in May 1997 when he became a member of my club The Harrow School of Shotokan Karate, training regularly under myself on Mondays and Wednesdays.

He was an exceptional student and achieved three double kyu gradings on his way to becoming Shodan in June 1991, Nidan in March 2002, Sandan in March 2006 and presented a Yondan in July 2011.

Apart from his ability as a karate-ka and then as an excellent instructor, he followed many of the precepts and ideals of traditional karate-do, which seemed so in line with his own personality.

He was undoubtedly a man of integrity to the art of karate-do and in his performance of technique in kata and in the many different forms of sparring.

Just as importantly, Chris was also a man of integrity with regard to the ethics of karate-do and how this translated in the way in which he viewed himself in relation to his fellow karate-ka who trained alongside him and towards myself as the head of the karate organisation that he has so respectfully and kindly remained loyal to.

His quest to learn was truly admirable and came to light when seeking my advice on a better understanding of this or that technique.

However, there were also times when he needed advice regarding his club and on these occasions he was always and completely genuine and honest, humbly seeking advice for the greater good of his own students and himself with never any hidden, negative agenda.

Myself along with; Riza Yehiya, Zenos Christo, Iain Tyrie and Norman Hull (5th Dans), Patrick Prendergast, Mark Menzfeld and Alison Hill (4th Dans), Siris Patel and Rajan Patel (3rd Dans), Alison Bird, Melissa Crieghton, Maithreyi Raghu and Stuart Tollhurst (2nd Dans) and Robert Pottle (1st Dan), are all part of a very special and unique karate family, our karate family of like minded people that Chris Bond fitted into so perfectly.

His goodness, generosity of heart, honesty and loyalty that was so wholeheartedly expressed to all of US, his fellow karate-ka, good, good friends and to all of the members in my association will be so painfully missed by all of us.

We'll never forget your kindness Chris. Our thoughts and condolences are with your wife and family.