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Hanshi Nicholas B Adamou was promoted to the high rank of 10th Dan on the 25th February 2022. An event was held at Harrow Leisure Centre on the 13th March 2022, which was attended by the Deputy Mayor of Harrow Councillor Sasi Suresh and her Husband, former Mayor of Harrow Councillor Krishna Suresh. Also attending was William Mannion, who was part of the group of students who started karate with Hanshi Adamou in the 1960’s. The event involved a demonstration followed by a presentation and a celebration meal.

 A message from the Chief Instructor

I would sincerely like to extend my deepest gratitude to those who worked so tirelessly to bring about the success of the Celebrations in recognition of my 10th Dan Award on Sunday, 13th March 2022. My deepest thanks to Deputy Mayor Sasi Suresh and her husband for presiding over the proceedings and for the Deputy Mayer’s speech when presenting me with my 10th Dan Certificate. My sincere thanks also to William Mannion who’s karate lineage added substance and reality to his beautiful presentation speech in honour of my 10th Dan which encapsulated all that I hold true and have tried to preserve and uphold in the IASK. I also extend my sincere gratitude to Riza Yehiya who, for three months had liaised with the NAKMAS National Governing Body along with IASK instructors and students from many clubs in order to make this whole event run as smoothly as it did. Much thanks to Patrick Prendergast who spent many months liaising with different restaurants and for organising the menu for the many instructors, students and parents who attended. Thanks also for all the time he spent working with Tahir from TSA Martial Arts in the design and creation of a 10th Dan Black Belt that would adequately reflect the occasion.  Thanks also for all his work on updating the IASK Website to highlight the event. Thanks to Siris Karadia who asked if he could produce my 10th Dan (Judan) certificate.  I found it inspiring and was very touched by his enthusiasm and determination that it should reflect the Japanese traditions inherent in such a certificate.  This was greatly supported with the guidance, knowledge and cultural background of Youki Yamamoto who so readily gave his kind assistance to Siris on this project. Credit must also be given to Rajan Patel who acted as Master of Ceremonies and who provided a most professionally delivered commentary as he announced each aspect of the event.  My thanks to Iain Tyrie who provided the microphone and sound system and to Amit Karwal and his cousin Nav who between them took many photos and videoed many parts of the event. Many thanks must also go to all the students and spectators who came to share in this event.


Thanks to all of you for making the day such a great success.


Nicholas B.  Adamou

Presentation by Deputy Mayor of Harrow William Mannion's speech Deputy Mayor's speech Kumite Demonstration